Anonymous asked:
what are some good supplements to take to gain weight faster?

Only supplements I know are ensures and boost. Oh and apetamin I believe it’s called. I don’t know too much about supplements beyond the drinks.

Anonymous asked:
So what's the verdict on nutrament?

I forgot to buy it before I left 😭! But my followers have all told me it taste really good, better than ensure. although someone also said it has too much sugar.

saruhhgreene asked:
I have finally found someone who works out to GAIN weight! YAY! :-) Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your experience.

Yay! Thank You for following me :)

Anonymous asked:
Your thoughts on wearing a corset ? My bad if you already answered.

Go for it! A real corset not one of the latex one that are trendy right now. Make sure you do a lot of research before you starts that you’re training your waist properly. I think the results are awesome, I wish I had the dedication to do it!


People are losing their fire and forgetting about Ferguson. That’s exactly what the police want, though: for all of this to just go away and for people to forget about it.

Don’t let that happen.




Fuck BET forever.

On 106 &Park Karrueche made a comment about Beyonce not combing Blue Ivy’s hair that apparently was written by one of BET’s writers. Shame on BET for promoting the self-hatred of Black women and their natural hair. And fuck BET for…

Fuck Karrueche for choosing to say it. I guess she wasn’t making enough money doing whatever she does so she ran to BET to cut her that shitty little check. Bitch I hope it was worth it.

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