Anonymous asked:
How do you keep a flat stomach while gaining?

Well you can do planks and stomach vacuums to keep your stomach muscles tight but that won’t guarantee that your stomach stays flat. You can’t choose where the weight you gain goes!

Anonymous asked:
squats with a newly pierced navel? or should I wait about two weeks?

I say wait a week or two because you really don’t want to get it too sweaty, that may cause an infection and also you don’t want to have it moving around too much because you could damage the healing skin.

Anonymous asked:
I'm not sure if you answered this question already but can you please tell me how to get the top of my butt to be round? I feel like the top part is flat and I don't like the look of it. Please help?!

Stand in front of a mirror and check your butt out like you probably have before lol put your hands on your butt and lift it. See what happens to the top? It gets rounder! Any butt exercises that lift your butt will make the top rounder as the bottom get higher! I really feel bridges working in that area, but they all will do!

kingspongyy asked:
& to the anon WATCH THE BALL!! Whenever I worked out the ball would slip off from the sweat & I had to get it redone so many times!!

Thank You!

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