Anonymous asked:
Do you know if there is any exercises to help correct knock knees or straighten them a little?

Looked it up and it says:

Knock knees are caused from weak abductor muscles, which are found on the outsides of the hips and thighs. To correct this problem, do abductor-strengthening exercises. 

Reccomended exercises are: Side Lunges, Side steps up and a couple more that are fully explained here

and here

Anonymous asked:
Ok I don't want no drama I just want to say that Indy aka realbarbielifts refuses to post the ask in which I explained you can build muscle for curvier hips I'm worried about the negative effect she could be having on her followers I agree girls can't change their bone structure we all know that I just hate how she won't better educate herself on muscle building like she is basically telling girls that there is no way in hell they can build muscle for a curvier illusion

It’s okay just let it go and we can educate girls through our own blogs!

cherrysweetie8 asked:
Are u Jamaican??! 😍😍💕


Eta: thanks for the heart eyes though lol 😊

Anonymous asked:
I'm so sorry about the random negativity got tonight... That was completely rude and uncalled for. People just need to chill. I hope you have a nice evening despite the tom foolery that has been dished tonight. :)

I breathed it out and I’m okay now. Thank You so much, I’m going to delete all this tom foolery off of my blog and go back to the scheduled program haha :)

Anonymous asked:
Don't let all the negative get to you. You know ur smarter then that.

But she called me sweetie though, that’s a fighting word lol 

But seriously it’s okay if she for whatever reason thinks she’s superior to me. I don’t follow her, I know nothing about her, idk where she gets her credentials, and I’ll never see her in real life.

I just have a message to my followers, if you ever see me being rude or feel I answered something harshly, check me! Say Dani, that was mean, Dani, you’re letting your followers get to you, Dani, you’re being an asshole! Say something and let me know because I never ever want to make someone feel stupid or beneath me. I don’t want my followers to be afraid to ask me anything. And you guys sometimes I may get it wrong, and feel free to correct me. but lets all be nice please!

Thank You!

The amount of people that commented on that post is ridiculous. Aren’t fitblrs supposed to be supportive or something. No, let’s just be disgustingly rude even though I’m reading between the lines and adding things that she never even said. And what was the point in tagging her as if I personally came at her? Like I said before I don’t follow therefor I wouldn’t know the context of the question she answered. 

Where do you get your information? From research right, I have researched and read that you can indeed add some muscle to your hips. Most fitblrs goals are to lose weight, so I wonder how many of the assholes that reblogged with a smart ass comment have actually ever bothered to look up if you can make your hips bigger with exercise.

Also people ask about thigh gaps often and we know that’s also has to deal with bone structure, is this how you respond to them, by being rude as hell.

Anonymous asked:
is there any way for me to get bigger,rounder,and more lifted boobs?

I negleted this question because I really don’t know, does anybody know?

Anonymous asked:
Hey! I just wanted to know if I could ever get thicker! I'm 5'6 & around 135 lbs. I have very little curves, but my thighs are somewhat thick & toned & I'm naturally lean. My measurements are 33-28-35, so my waist is not that defined, but I noticed I may be going up in my pants size. I don't know whether to gain or lose weight! I like the weight I'm at right now, and I wouldn't mind gaining. Can you give me some advice of what exercises to do, foods to eat?

Anonymous asked:
Elizabeth Taylor had the same measurements as @thatgirllemy and you can see a big difference between the two of them

She thinks people are dumb smh. 

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