Anonymous asked:
Hey what do you think of the cb1 weight gain pill do you think it works because I'm really thinking about trying it I'm sick of being small 😩😩😩

I did look into at one time but I was kind of skeptical because all of the reviews seem to be fabricated. A lot of them are clearly written by the company and I feel like if your product truly worked there would be no need for that. But if there’s a money back guarantee go ahead and try it, it’s worth a shot if you can get your money back!

boyskrazy asked:
hey do you have any tips on getting a flat tummy but you are not losing any fat on your thighs or ass?

Well you can’t spot reduce so if you have extra fat in your stomach area you’ll unfortunately have to do cardio and lose fat everywhere. You can do ab excersises that will flatten and tighten your abs but they won’t burn the fat.

Anonymous asked:
I really do cry when my mom calls me skinny and say I have no butt I don't kno how to gain weight because I'm never really hungry as of late and please if I have any can I get some advice on how to gain weight thank you so much!

Awww please don’t cry just tell your mom that it hurts your feelings when she says those things, I’m sure she’ll stop. A lot of people don’t realize that being called skinny can be hurtful/insulting. 

All of my tips are in this post:

Hope it helps! :)

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