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Anonymous asked:
Hey there I'm 14 turning 15 real soon but anyways so I'm naturally very skinny and have a fast metabolism, I eat clean and workout daily some strength (light weights or no weights) and cardio but I want my legs to get bigger cause there disgustingly skinny so I eat a lot of healthy food but still nothing but now I'm scared that when I like get older and gain weight from puberty, I'm gonna get really big cause of the amounts I eat! Xx

Hi! I recommend you stay away from cardio, you don’t have to stop completely but you don’t need to do it daily, that’s counterproductive.
If you are working out to gain weight what you want to do is lift heavy! Lifting is what is going to build muscle to make you bigger.
I’m 20 and I’m just a tiny now as I was at 14 puberty didn’t help me at allll lol. Even if it does slow down your metabolism you won’t get huge overnight, just watch yourself. Also make sure your healthy eating includes healthy fats!

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